Amber Rose Reunites with Ex Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards Amidst Split from Cher

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Amber Rose Reunites with Ex Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards Amidst Split from Cher
Amber Rose and Alexander Edwards

In a surprising turn of events, rapper Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards was spotted reuniting with his former flame, Amber Rose, in Los Angeles on May 20, just weeks after news of his split from Cher made headlines.

Photographs captured the ex-couple engaged in a friendly conversation outside a car, with Amber Rose displaying a radiant smile. In the images, Alexander appeared to show Amber something on his phone. The pair had previously dated for three years before their separation in 2021 and share a three-year-old son named Slash.

Amber Rose Reunites with Ex Alexander 'A.E.' Edwards Amidst Split from Cher

This encounter follows Alexander’s recent breakup with Cher, a relationship that lasted five months. The news of their split emerged in early May. Despite their 40-year age difference, Cher and A.E. were first linked when they were photographed holding hands in November 2022. Cher confirmed their romance on Twitter, describing how he treated her “like a queen.”

Amber and A.E. went their separate ways in August 2021, just before their son Slash’s second birthday. At the time of the split, Amber took to her Instagram Story and accused him of infidelity, alleging that he cheated on her with 12 women. In a heartfelt message, she expressed her exhaustion with being cheated on and emphasized that she could no longer be the sole protector of her family.

A.E. eventually confessed to the allegations, admitting that he had been unfaithful. “I got caught before, you know? And she’s had enough, obviously. I love her, though. That’s like my best friend, the mother of my son,” he confessed. He also revealed that settling down was not in his nature and that he did not want to live a life of deprivation. Amber Rose also shares a son named Sebastian with her ex-partner, Wiz Khalifa.

Since their breakup in 2021, Amber has prioritized self-care and her children. In a January 2023 interview on the Sofia With An F podcast, she expressed her contentment with being single and stated that she had no interest in dating or sharing her life with anyone else.

As Amber Rose and Alexander ‘A.E.’ Edwards cross paths once again, the nature of their reunion and any potential rekindling of their relationship remains uncertain.

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