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Alleged Assassination Attempt on Governor Adeleke Triggers Outrage and Apologies from Prominent Cleric

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Alleged Assassination Attempt on Governor Adeleke Triggers Outrage and Apologies from Prominent Cleric
Ademola Adeleke

In a startling incident that unfolded on Wednesday, an alleged assassination attempt on Governor Ademola Adeleke at the Osogbo Eid praying ground has sparked outrage and condemnation. Thugs suspected to be affiliated with the opposition party in the state are believed to have orchestrated the incident, which has drawn strong reactions from the Asiwaju Musulumi of Yorubaland, Edo, and Delta, Dr Khamis Olatunde Badmus.

Expressing his dismay, Dr Badmus labeled the occurrence as both outrageous and avoidable. The Osun State chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) had characterized the clash as an assassination attempt on the governor’s life, but the prominent cleric disagreed, terming it an unfortunate misunderstanding.

The clash ensued when seating arrangements at the Osogbo Eid praying ground led to a confrontation between some aides of Governor Adeleke and Dr Ajibola Basiru, a former spokesperson of the Senate. Dr Basiru, accompanied by several prominent Osogbo indigenes, had arrived at the venue for the Eid-el Kabir prayers. However, he was informed by individuals believed to be the governor’s aides that he was occupying the spot reserved for Adeleke and was requested to move to the second row.

What started as a heated argument nearly escalated into a physical altercation, but the intervention of peacemakers prevented further confrontation. Regrettably, Governor Adeleke, upon his arrival, was unable to participate in the Eid prayers due to the presence of heavily mobilized thugs who had taken control of strategic locations at the praying ground. The Osun State PDP released a statement alleging that these individuals intended to launch an assassination attack on the innocent governor, who had joined other Muslim faithful in the state capital to observe the 2023 Eid-el Kabir.

In response to the incident, Dr Khamis Olatunde Badmus issued a statement from his media office in Osogbo, extending his apologies to the governor and denouncing the role of certain political opportunists in instigating the misunderstanding. He emphasized that labeling the event as an assassination attempt was an exaggeration and emphasized the need for the governor to focus on governance and serving the people, rather than being embroiled in such controversies.

Furthermore, Dr Badmus commended the Osun State Commissioner of Police and other security agencies for their mature and professional handling of the matter. He stressed the importance of the governor’s protocol office taking charge of seating arrangements at events to prevent a recurrence of such incidents and cautioned against leaving such responsibilities in the hands of politicians seeking personal gains.

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