Activist Timi Frank Demands Senate President Akpabio’s Resignation Amid Vacation Money Scandal

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Activist Timi Frank Demands Senate President Akpabio's Resignation Amid Vacation Money Scandal
Activist Timi Frank Calls for Senate President Akpabio to Resign Amid Vacation Fund Scandal

In a scathing critique of the Nigerian Senate’s recent actions, prominent activist Timi Frank has strongly condemned Senate President Godswill Akpabio for his assertion that funds were disbursed to all senators by the National Assembly to facilitate their annual vacation. Frank’s comments came to light in a video recording he released on Wednesday.

Frank denounced Akpabio’s televised revelation as an affront to democracy and a mockery of Nigerian citizens. He unequivocally called for Akpabio’s immediate resignation from his position as Senate President.

During the video, Frank expressed his concern about the lawmakers’ decision to indulge in national resources under the guise of taking a holiday, particularly at a time when the Nigerian populace was grappling with economic challenges and hardships.

The backdrop to this controversy is Akpabio’s statement during a special plenary session on Monday, convened for the screening and confirmation of President Bola Tinubu’s ministerial nominees. Akpabio disclosed that Magaji Tambuwal, the Clerk to the National Assembly (CNA), had electronically transferred funds to individual senators’ bank accounts to facilitate their annual vacation.

Akpabio was met with interruptions from fellow senators, who appeared dissatisfied with his candid public disclosure. Subsequently, he withdrew his initial statement and offered an alternative phrasing, emphasizing that the Senate President had sent prayers to senators’ mailboxes to ensure their safe journeys and return.

Following this controversy, the Senate adjourned plenary until September 26, 2023, for its annual recess.

Meanwhile, Timi Frank has called upon President Bola Tinubu to address the statement made by Senate President Akpabio. Frank characterized the situation as a “show of shame” and strongly criticized Akpabio’s actions as undermining democracy and belittling Nigerians.

Frank further emphasized that Akpabio’s actions demonstrated an alarming level of corruption and called him the most corrupt Senate President in Nigerian history.

Appealing to the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), Frank urged the organization to suspend all communication and negotiations with the federal government until the demands of Nigerian workers for increased wages were met. Frank stated that the time had come to put an end to what he referred to as the “Nollywood act” displayed by Akpabio and his colleagues in government.

Frank concluded by encouraging Nigerians to prepare for a comprehensive shutdown until Akpabio steps down from his role as Senate President, asserting that citizens should no longer tolerate such behavior from their elected officials.

As this controversy continues to unfold, Nigerians are keenly observing the developments, and questions regarding accountability, transparency, and governance persist.

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