Abuja’s Millennium Tower Project Gains Momentum with Minister Wike’s Two-Year Deadline

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Abuja's Millennium Tower Project Gains Momentum with Minister Wike's Two-Year Deadline
FCT’s Millennium Tower Edges Closer to Reality as Minister Wike Fast-Tracks Two-Year Agenda

In a significant development for the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Mr. Nyesom Wike, the Minister of the FCT, announced on Monday the ministry’s ambitious plan to complete the long-awaited Millennium Tower project within the next two years. The revelation came following a closed-door meeting held in Abuja with various contractors responsible for diverse projects across the FCT.

The Millennium Tower, situated at the heart of the Central Area in Abuja, stands as a multifaceted architectural marvel designed to encompass cultural exhibitions, tourism endeavors, social interactions, recreational pursuits, hospitality services, and bustling commercial activities. This monumental undertaking, initially conceptualized in 2005, aims to redefine the urban landscape and elevate Abuja to international prominence.

The project’s execution has been entrusted to Salini Construction Nigeria Limited, a company that had to halt progress due to financial constraints. Minister Wike emphasized the Tower’s transformative potential, stating, “This is an exceedingly ambitious endeavor, but given our vision for Abuja as a world-class city, such a facility is indispensable.”

“It’s an intricate project,” Wike admitted, “yet we are resolute in our commitment. We envision this as a legacy project under President Bola Tinubu’s administration. Our goal is to achieve this milestone within the next two years, contingent upon reaching a mutually satisfactory payment structure with the contractor.”

According to reports from the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the project had achieved 40 percent completion before its hiatus. Upon completion, it is envisaged to be financially self-sustaining, generating revenue through the myriad commercial activities within its premises.

The expansive scope of the project encompasses a cultural nexus with four museums, a sprawling arcade spanning 40,000 square meters for national and international events, a luxurious five-star hotel boasting 55 opulent rooms and nine suites accommodating around 130 guests, as well as offices, recreational facilities, an auditorium with a 1,200-person capacity, conference rooms, exhibition spaces, shops, sports amenities including indoor pools and gyms, and a two-level basement car park with a capacity for 1,200 vehicles.

The pièce de résistance is the Millennium Tower itself, soaring to a height of 170 meters and housing a revolving panoramic restaurant designed to accommodate over 130 diners.

Minister Wike revealed that a comprehensive review of awarded contracts exposed numerous abandoned projects due to inadequate funding. “Following consultations with the Minister of State, the Permanent Secretary, and directors, we recognized the need to prioritize projects. We’ve resolved to work closely with Julius Berger to ensure the timely completion of select projects.”

Regarding ongoing projects, Wike disclosed that the Villa Roundabout project managed by China Geo-engineering Corporation (CGC) Nigeria Limited is set to conclude within the next six to eight months. He also assured the populace of the impending transformation of Garki, Wuse, and parts of Maitama in just one week.

Wike addressed the pressing issue of the Abuja light rail rehabilitation project, disclosing that a deal has been reached with CCECC Nigeria Limited to release funds within two days, enabling them to recommence their efforts. Additionally, negotiations concerning operational costs are slated for the coming Thursday.

He acknowledged that a major stumbling block for these projects was the absence of adequate national budget allocation. In response to the funding challenge, the Ministry of FCT intends to prioritize projects that can be completed within a specific timeline, with further decisions to be taken in the subsequent year.

As the Millennium Tower project aims to rewrite Abuja’s architectural narrative, Minister Wike’s resolute commitment to its completion within two years heralds a new era of urban excellence and transformative development for the nation’s capital.

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