6ix9ine Tekashi’s Baby Mama involved in an Auto Crash



6ix9ine Tekashi's Baby Mama involved in an Auto Crash
6ix 9ine Tekashi



American rapper and singer Tekashi 6ix 9ine’s daughter and her mother were involved in anasty auto crash on an expressway in New York. The crash was rather severe that all involved had to be rushed to ER.  Tekashi’s baby mama Sara Molina and their daughter Saraiyah, who is six years old as well as Ms. Molina’s sister were in the vehicle.

The vehicle was an Uber Toyota minivan that somehow was rear-ended by anither vehicle, causing the imoact from behind to make the van hit a vehicle in front. The little girl Saraiyah, was in tears and a lot of pain from the injuries sustained in the crash.

Sara’s sister got a whiplash and and little Saraiyah suffered pain in her arm. However it was Sara who came off worse amongst all involved in the accident. She suffered a whiplash, a concussion and severe pain all over her body.  Sara has had a previous issue of sclerosis prior to the auto crash and it is possible it could aggravate her injuries and also slow down her healing process.

Tekashi meanwhile, claims he was not aware of such a development and he said he will contact his mother who is like a guardian when Sara is not in town. It should be noted that Sara and Tekashi are not on speaking terms,having ended their relationship bitterly.

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