6 Ways To Build And Strengthen Your Relationship Without Sex


6 Ways To Build And Strengthen Your Relationship Without Sex

For over period of time now i have been talking about sex sex sex, yes i love sex and am not going to stop because i simply like sex. But then their is one important thing you must understand here inasmuch as i like sex believe me sex is not every thing in relationship.

Relationships are beautiful when done
rightly and with the right person. However, it is popular belief that sex makes a relationship stronger, and I ask.. If sex makes a relationship stronger then every man should be madly in love with a pro$t!tute abi. But no, people need something more from a relationship than just sex. The issue is people don’t want to look beyond sex… The world we live in now so “Sexified” people read sexual meaning into anything, even TV commercials pass subtle messages about sex.

There are one million and one ways you can still have a beautiful relationship without sex…. I hear someone asking me how.. Let’s highlight a few

1. SPEND QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR PARTNER: Don’t Ever compromise on this, whenever you are with that special person make every moment special. Many people think that once they have time to spend with their partner it must involve sex… sex does get old you know? lol……..

2. SAY “I LOVE YOU”:This three words are very powerful words, when Said deep from the heart with all sincerity. This words Carry assurance and reassurance at the same time.. Everyone likes being loved, people know the feeling of when they are loved, but they also want you to say it.

3. JUST TALK: Say something. Sometimes you just need to talk with your partner on anything at all…. Not everytime you both talk it’s all the “I love you” “you are my world” those are good… But it does get old too, especially when done all the time.
Sometimes you just need to talk with him/her about anything at all.

4. PLAY: Yea,this may sound rather childish. But it’s true. If you have ever played with your partner you would understand what am saying. Play could be “football, Chess, or just fooling around with each other” This really does build bond with each other. So if you are the “always serious” type… Try this now!

5. HAVE A CODE WORD:This is a bond builder…. You and your partner should have a code word or sign that just both of you understand in the whole world! This Creates a world for just both of you where you’re king and she is queen. Get something that only two of you know about.

6. DO SOMETHING YOU BOTH LIKE: Don’t be self centered. Don’t be the focus every time. In-fact the bad thing about being the “focus” all the time, is that it puts you in the spotlight and your partner would see more of your flaws. i will stop here until i see comments then i will post the rest but if you can’t wait follow here to read the rest

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