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6 Reasons Why You Should Not Have A Boyfriend Or Girlfriend In School

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Having a boyfriend/Girlfriend (being in a relationship) While in school, is prevalent among most Nigeria students. It is very difficult to find a mature student in Nigeria, who truly don’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend, even from the secondary education level. Nevertheless, today I am going to explicitly explain, 6 reasons why you don’t need a boyfriend/Girlfriend While in school.

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So sit tight and let me take you through.

1. You Get Distracted:

There is no doubt that, the reason for most failure is schools today, is as a result of the concept of having boyfriend/girlfriend in schools. Students who are engaged in this act, finds it very debilitating to focus on their studies, as they would not only have to think for themselves, but their partners too. They spend much time on their relationships, than any other thing. And this, has lure them to failure. This is one of the main reasons why students are not encouraged to go in relationships while in school.

2. You Miss Classes:

This is also an uncontrollable disadvantage of being in a relationship while in school. However, when you ask some student, they will say, they can’t leave school for any boyfriend/girlfriend, but this fact is uncontestable. One day, you will be conformed to do so, and after sometime, it becomes a regular tour. You may think, this is totally impossible, but it is just fact. So, if you don’t want to Start missing classes, you had better jettison the idea of relationship in school.

3. You Might Get rusticated:

This is another essential reason why you shouldn’t have a boyfriend/Girlfriend While in school. You might not be as lucky as those who have been in this game for many years, without any problem. What if you get a girl pregnant? I think it will be the end of your education. Parental obligations set in, and I am also very sure, you will regret that all your lifetime. It is important you stop this very act, except you want to be a victim of the above.

4. You Become Notorious:

This is very known in the secondary education level. When any student is engaged in this execrable act, he/she becomes very notorious, the whole school starts seeing such person as a negative influence, which they truly are. Parents start telling their children to totally isolate themselves from sure person, because it is not condone here in Nigeria. So, if you don’t want people to know you as a negative influence, then stop the concept of boyfriend/girlfriend while in school.

5. To Much Pressure and Tension:

No student will want to look very dirty in front of his or her new relationship partner. And as so, they seem to be more cautious and tensed when they go out dressing abnormal or perhaps, doing that which they claimed they don’t do to their partners.

If you want to live the most pressure-free school life, then desist from having a boyfriend/girlfriend while on school. You will kill your fear and tension in school.

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6. You might end up traumatized:

Yes. You can eventually end up traumatized. This act (having a boyfriend/Girlfriend in school) can forced you to do those things which you truly do not want to. E.g Spend extravagantly, and more. And you know for sure, that spending too much is a bad habit in school, especially in Nigeria. So make sure you do away with this execrable act, and you will have the most comfortable school life.


Having said all these, one can rightfully say that having a boyfriend or a girlfriend while in school, does more bad than good to students in Universities, Polytechnics, Colleges of education, or any level of institution at all. So students are advised to desist from it.

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