28-Year Sentence for Stabbing of Tyson Fury’s Cousin

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28-Year Sentence for Stabbing of Tyson Fury's Cousin
Homeless Man Sentenced for Murdering Tyson Fury’s Cousin in Bar Brawl

Manchester Crown Court in northwest England delivered a significant verdict today, sentencing a homeless man, Liam O’Pray, to at least 28 years in prison for the brutal stabbing death of Rico Burton during a late-night bar brawl in Altrincham. Rico Burton, aged 31, was tragically the cousin of the renowned British professional boxer, Tyson Fury.

The harrowing three-week trial brought to light the horrifying details of the incident, with witnesses recounting how 22-year-old O’Pray mercilessly attacked Burton with a seven-inch blade, nearly severing his major carotid artery in his neck, leading to massive blood loss. Judge Alan Conrad, presiding over the case, handed O’Pray a life sentence, with a minimum of 28 years to be served before the possibility of parole.

During the trial, Judge Conrad didn’t hold back in his address to the defendant, stating, “You were a stabbing waiting to happen. You can blame all manner of things, but the fact remains that individuals like you, who choose to carry knives, are part of the problem.”

The tragic death of Rico Burton deeply affected the boxing world, as Tyson Fury took to Instagram to express his grief and call for stricter measures against knife crime by the British government.

The court proceedings also revealed that the fight erupted following an altercation where O’Pray’s friend, Malachi Hewitt-Brown, was punched by one of Burton’s cousins. As the situation escalated, O’Pray resorted to violent means, leading to the fatal outcome for Rico Burton. Additionally, O’Pray was found guilty of stabbing Harvey Reilly, who was 17 years old at the time, during the same incident. Fortunately, Reilly’s injuries were not fatal.

To add further concern, it was reported that O’Pray had substances including cannabis, cocaine, and ketamine in his bloodstream at the time of the attack, potentially influencing his aggressive behavior.

Deborah Burton, the heartbroken mother of Rico Burton, delivered a heart-wrenching victim impact statement during the trial. She expressed, “Throughout the whole traveller community, Rico will never be forgotten. On the day he died, a piece of me died inside. I have had my heart ripped out and cut into pieces.”

This tragic incident serves as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of knife crime and the urgency for more effective measures to address the issue in society. The sentencing of Liam O’Pray sends a strong message about the consequences of such violent actions, but it also highlights the need for broader efforts to prevent such occurrences and protect innocent lives.

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