10 Things You Should Know About SPERM


1. Not all sperm are made equal: As much as a man would love to have millions of perfect little guys, the fact is that many of them are deformed. We’re talking two heads, two tails, squiggly tails, heads that are too large or two small, etc.

2. Sperm are hard workers: Well, not all of them. But of the ones that can swim straight enough to get to the egg, one lucky bugger (though sometimes more than one. Can you say multiples?) drills its way into the egg to begin fertilization.

3. There is a difference between “sperm” and “Fluid”: Many people use both terms interchangeably, but they are not the same substance. Sperm cells are just one part of the Fluid. Seminal fluid also contains fructose and proteolytic, among other enzymes, to help the sperm on they way.

4. The odds are tough: In the average Erupt, there 200 million sperm. That’s some steep competition!

5. Sperm don’t have to be moving to fertilize an egg: That’s both true and not true. For natural fertilization to occur, the sperm has to be able to swim and drill into the egg, but during In-Vitro fertilization, the sperm is injected directly into the egg, making motion on the sperm’s part a nonissue.

6. They don’t always know where they’re going: Only about half of the sperm who are ejaculated make it to the egg. The rest doodle around in circles.

7. You need to keep your boys cool: For healthy sperm to exist in a man’s body, the testicles need to be cooler than the body. On average, testicles are seven degrees cooler than the rest of the body. You don’t want the testicles to be any closer to the warmth than necessary. That’s why boxers are better than briefs when it comes to making babies!

8. The production process is different in men and women : Ladies are born with all the eggs they will ever have in their life. But men are constantly making new sperm. It takes about two months for a sperm cell to go from start to finish.

9. Diet plays a big role in the taste of Fluid: Gentlemen, if you are partial to MouthAction, do both of you a favor by exercising regularly and maintaining a diet high in fruits and veggies. It benefits you in that you will have healthier sperm, and it benefits your partner in that your Fluid tastes better. A diet high in red meat, dairy, garlic and coffee will make the taste of your Fluid take a nosedive.

10. They come in both genders: Yes, there are male and female sperm. The males tend to be faster, but the females are stronger, so it’s kind of a stalemate in the sperm gender war.[b]Below are Ten key things you need to know about sperms

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