What You Should Expect In “Fortnite” Season 4


Epic Games took offline for a few hours earlier today to prepare for the Fortnite season 4 release date and start time.

And the new season has kicked off with a bang – literally. Players who have logged into season 4 have found the rumoured meteor has hit.

What You Should Expect In "Fortnite" Season 4

What You Should Expect In "Fortnite" Season 4

But instead of it hitting Tilted Towers, the Fortnite meteor has smashed into Dusty Depot to kick-off Fortnite season 4.

The Fortnite Battle Royale map has also been updated for Fortnite season 4, with a new location – Risky Reels – added north of Wailing Woods.

While servers were down the Fortnite season 4 trailer and patch notes leaked early.

What You Should Expect In "Fortnite" Season 4

What You Should Expect In "Fortnite" Season 4

The trailer revealed that the much-rumoured Fortnite meteor crashing into the Battle Royale map before superheroes, or villains, emerge from the rubble.

While the leaked patch notes revealed the Fortnite comet “brings new locations to explore” as well as the brand new Hop Rocks.

In-game pictures have shown Dusty Depot is now a meteor crater, with a construction site right in the centre of the Fortnite location.

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