Viral Video Of Cameroonian Lady Killed By Boyfriend After Tw£rking For Another Man

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Cameroonian lady killed shortly after twerking session
Cameroonian lady killed shortly after twerking session

A video of a Cameroonian lady who met a gruesome death shortly after dancing for an unidentified man is trending on the internet.

In the short clip obtained by, a man is seen smiling delightfully as the lady in question dances seductively with her behind.

At a point in the video, the young man is overcome by the twerking skills of the girl as she holds her waist, obviously enjoying the entertaining spectacle.

A different scene of the same girl lying facedown in the pool of her own blood fills the screen as her lifeless body shows that she was killed not too long after her dance routine in what is said to be the work of a jealous lover.

Viewers are cautioned as the video below is graphic in nature and may be too offensive for some. Viewer discretion is hereby advised.

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  1. Obaila Samuel Reply

    This life people should put God fisrt because we don’t Know how the life is going may her soul RIP. Amen.

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