#ThrowBack: ‘The Denrele Before Wenrele’


#ThrowBack: 'The Denrele Before Wenrele'

Controversial presenter and MC, Denrele Edun has shared some throwback photos one of which is from his undergraduate years in the University Of Lagos.

#ThrowBack: 'The Denrele Before Wenrele'

He captions

#ThrowbackThursday to 2001. English Education Undergrad. Faculty of Arts Block. I went thru a phase of bandanas, corn rows, flared bell bottoms and a Hip-Hop-Hooray aura. Ignore the shoes…my only footwear that time (with another pair of fake Nikè sneakers I had). Can’t recal the first babe’s name but the girl on my right was my ryde or die hommie, Yvonne. See me forming Lil BowWow thingz! The hustle was real sha…

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