”Strange Soldier” To Debut Tomorrow In Cinemas

Movie lovers will want to see the latest movie set to hit your screens and it’s titled ‘Strange Soldier”.  is a Nigerian movie that was shot across two locations; Nigeria and the UK. The movie depicts contemporary Nigeria and its military might, especially in the African continent.

''Strange Soldier'' To Debut Tomorrow In Cinemas
The Movie

The movie is about a female Nigerian pilot and a Nigerian Army colonel, whose paths cross in a foreign land. This occurred when the pilot encountered five African young girls, who were vulnerable, and thus she decided to take them off the streets.  The pilot gets into trouble for her noble act of taking the girls off the cold streets and subsequently begins to handle her affairs covertly.

However, the colonel seems to be on her side and she has no choice but to turn to him. But does she make the right choice? Only you can figure that out if you watch the movie. will be in cinemas around Nigeria tomorrow and it is proving to be a much-anticipated film, with a lot of talk about the movie recently on social media.

was directed by Olutayo Okunsanya and it is distributed by Derek Motion Pictures. The movie will receive its rating on IMDb tomorrow after its premiere. The movie starred Belinda Effah, Ifeanyi Kalu, Wole Ojo, Linda Osifo, Emem Ekanem, and many others.

The movie is certainly going to be one to watch and with the A-list cast and renowned crew, it certainly will get many mouths moving, and many reactions on social media will light up social media platforms and critics will also be able to air their views.  The movie comes after the Netflix four-placed series ”Bloodsisters” made its debut two weeks ago.

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