#SayNoToXenophobia: Twitter War As Vector Tells MI Abaga,”Goan Sit Down”

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#SayNoToXenophobia: Twitter War As Vector Tells MI Abaga,"Goan Sit Down"

Now. it has actually reached the point of diss among Nigerian celebrities on the trending issue of Xenophobia in South Africa.

Earlier, it was a war of words between rappers, AKA and Ycee, now Vector has picked on MI Abage for trying to support AKA.

MI in his tweet said:

Also.. I can speak honestly in saying my bro  AKA loves Nigeria.. taken out of context his tweets can be misinterpreted.. however he loves and respects Naija!!!

Nigerians were quick to shut him down for standing in AKA’s defense. Rapper, Vector Tha Viper also pushed MI over on this statement with this reply:

#SayNoToXenophobia: Twitter War As Vector Tells MI Abaga,"Goan Sit Down"

You will not come here and be diplomatic on some dumb sh!t he said. We know he likes Nigeria enough to come here and play with the people but the same people’s relatives are dying and he can be sarcastic? Sit down.

Giving AKA his own dose as well for saying they (SA artists) would rather stay in Sandton and suffer. Vector said:

#SayNoToXenophobia: Twitter War As Vector Tells MI Abaga,"Goan Sit Down"

This is response lacks intuition. Hope you are aware that innocent lives have been ended becuase they were escaping “suffer” I mean the same one their government saved your hero and people from in historical past. The same past that gave you this right to be “better”.



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