Peruzzi Claims to Have Written 252 Songs for Industry Peers

Peruzzi Reveals He's Penned 252 Songs for Fellow Artists

Peruzzi Claims to Have Written 252 Songs for Industry Peers
Nigerian Artist Peruzzi Boasts of 252 Songwriting Credits

Nigerian music artist and songwriter Tobechukwu Victor Okoh, known by his stage name Peruzzi, recently shared that he has penned a substantial number of songs, totaling 252, for the music industry. Peruzzi disclosed that many fellow celebrities within the industry have reached out to him for his songwriting expertise, asserting that he serves as a revered source of inspiration for his colleagues.

Peruzzi made this revelation through his social media account on Monday, expressing, “I’ve contributed to the creation of more than 252 records within your industry, while some continue to engage in casual banter on this platform. Feel free to inquire with your favorite artists. Seek the opinions of your musical idols. I am a respected figure in this domain, and many turn to me for guidance. Let’s not undermine the significance of this.”

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