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How P Square Split Brings Them Back To Square One

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P Square Split

☆ expressions out there say they now sound like upcoming artists with their solo releases
☆ they both released their solo songs at the same time, are they competing each other now?

The whole of the Nigerian music industry was taken aback with the concurrent split of the biggest music duo to have emerged out of Africa, . The Okoye twins, Peter and Paul had been having irreconcilable differences, though they kept it on the low for years, eventually, it got to the public, blown up with a whole lot of drama.

Jude Engees Okoye got dragged into the issue as he was pointed as the major fire blasting in the furnace. Jude had reportedly took side with the other twin, Paul Okoye also known as . With all these going around, Lola Omotayo Okoye, who is married to Peter Okoye seems to be the apple of discord in the family. Report has it that the Okoyes never liked Lola, so were not in support of their marriage. Peter also made his stand in his recent interview with that he had to choose his immediate family over any other person(s) as there was no longer respect among them (his brothers).

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Before now, P Square were rated as the top grossing artists in major endorsement deals owing to the fact that they were two and not forgetting the almighty manager, Jude Okoye who also takes an equal share. In one his rants, Peter made it known that they’ve turned down a lot of offers ’cause of his high their expectancy as a group act. Only brands that felt their importance and of cause got the money to toss around signed them as P Square. Explaining why he got the Olympic Milk endorsement deal alone, he attributed that to the brand approaching him as Peter Okoye and not P Square. According to him, his brothers also approved of it.

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P Square separate again

Away from the buzz, hits and huge money they’ve made from the industry, right now we’ve to deal with these new solo acts, Rudeboy and Mr. P.

While some fans already followed the split by going with their favorite, others are still in the chill waiting to know who is better or as they were thinking, ‘who’s been writing the songs’. This metamorphosis practically puts the P Square twins in an understudy or simply put, probation. Like we all waiting to see what they can actually create as solo artists.

Peter Okoye aka Mr. P, the real swagger man of the duo. Social media statistics reveal he’s more connected to his fans than the way Rudeboy is. Having released a music video as well, moves fast up the scale to prove himself as a performer. Obviously, Peter has more weight thrown behind him than Paul. Even Wikipedia points all P Square’s social account to Peter’s.

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Rudeboy. on the other hand, dropped two singles and the buzz wasn’t major. He suffers the P Square syndrome here. But we still can’t take away the coolness of the songs just that they’re not solid enough to blow an upcoming.

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