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Nollywood Actor Publicly Renounces Girlfriend After Death Threats

Egbuche Boyd and girlfriend Chizzy

Nollywood actor, Egbuche Boyd, has publicly renounced his ex-girlfriend, Chizzy, whom he broke up with in September last year. According to a post he shared on his Facebook page, Egbuche said he is publicly announcing their separation after receiving death threats.

Read what he posted on his wall below

This note will serve as a prove of my clear conscience and innocence. broke up with me on the 25th of September 2017 after a little misunderstanding and exchange of words over the phone. She moved on with a guy called sage and has been happy with him ever since then.

I know I’ve tried getting her back in many open and genuine ways…through friends from overseas and friends from Nollywood. Even through her own friends and cousins…but I got a strange text today being 09/04/2018 at around 13:00 hours asking me to warn her to stop seeing sage. That the guy sage belongs to their Queen and that their said Queen is angry that she is sharing her man with her. And have ordered a hit on her.

Actually, the person behind the text said he/she couldn’t do it knowing her as my girlfriend because I’ve saved him/her once and that he/she is now paying me back by not harming her.(mind you I don’t know this person because I’ve actually saved allot of people) so the person is asking me to warn her to stop seeing sage or they will Bleep her up! Now I don’t know what that means.

I am about making it open to everyone that we’ve gone our separate ways since September 2017 and that she stopped visiting or passing her nights in my house ever since then. I don’t want to have any problems with cultist or anybody for any reason. I’ve got my life goals to Archie. And I’ve actually passed her the message of warning. God is my witness…because I’m feeling and sensing trouble or danger and I don’t like the feelings.


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