Movies To Watch Out For In May: The Lost City


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The movie “The Lost City” is set to debut this week and it proves to be a blockbuster movie that will get tongues rolling. Headed by a proven director and from a real storyteller and coupled with an A-list cast, “The Lost City” will definitely give you a memorable weekend.

The heroine is Loretta Sage, a woman who is writing a book about a fictionalized location, akin to Atlantis. Aided by her late husband’s findings(who was an archaeologist) and a team of non-quitters, Sage embarks on a quest to find the “Lost City”.

However, she is impeded by Abigail Fairfax, an international billionaire and criminal who is also looking for “The Lost City” but believes Sage holds the answers because of her archaeologist husband.  Fairfax kidnaps Sage in order to get to the island and locate the “Crown of Fire”, a priceless treasure. Loretta Sage is stubborn and refuses to lead Fairfax to the island and so he(Fairfax) chloroforms Sage.

The movie is directed by the Nee Brothers and the story is from the popular Seth Gordon. The cast include; Sandra Bullock, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, to name a few.

The movie was filmed in the Dominican Republic and was shot by Paramount Pictures. “The Lost City” has already grossed a whooping $149m.

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