Lil Smart Reveals Why He Left Marlian Music [VIDEO]

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Nigerian dancer and former member of Marlian Music, Lil Smart, has recently shared his reasons for leaving the record label.

Lil Smart Reveals Why He Left Marlian Music [VIDEO]  According to Lil Smart, the band did not show him appreciation and did not do anything to support him. He emphasized that while he still has a lot of love for the label’s leader, Naira Marley, he felt that he would continue to be disrespected if he stayed with the group.

He went on to say that Naira Marley is now building estates and houses but was never able to offer him even a single room. “I slept on the chair, I squatted around for four years, I saw that and I left,” he said.

Lil Smart also recalled how Marlian Music first began and how they all used to live together in one duplex when they were starting out.

However, as Naira Marley’s financial situation improved and he began building houses, he never offered a room to Lil Smart. “I know how we started. Everybody started from one duplex, like the whole Marlian Music, we dey stay one duplex together, we are like 15 for one duplex, that’s how we started and now he is building derivatives, he is building houses and he can’t even say β€˜Smart take one room and stay’,” he said.

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