Lil Keed Complained of Stomach Pains: Family

Sources close to late Lil Keed’s family have ascertained that the American rapper complained of stomach upset a few days before his death on Friday last week.

Lil Keed Complained of Stomach Pains: Family
dies aged 24

Lil Keed’s family confirmed this statement when a few members of his family attested that complained of a stomach upset on Wednesday and even went to an unnamed  L. A hospital, where he was checked but there was no ailing diagnosis. Lil Keed continued complaining about the stomach bugs and a private source claimed that his internal organs, particularly his liver and his kidney began to fail. Lil Keed was then rushed to the hospital but he passed away around 10 P.M on Friday evening(CT).

was on Young THug’s famous YSL record label which has seen Young Thug, Gunna, and a few others indicted for RICO charges. Both  Young Thug and Gunna turned themselves into police custody at Fulton. However, Lil Keed was not indicted for these charges and he became vocal in his defence of his comrades.

Most recently, American celebrity Joe Moses in an interview said Young Thug has a ”heart of gold” and that it was pointless of the police to arrest him and Gunna over their lyrics in a song. YSL legal representatives have claimed that the police were wrong to arrest the hip-hop artists and they have promised that justice will be served.

Lil Keed’s family is in mourning over the loss of their son, friend, and spouse. Lil Keed’s girlfriend and mother of their little daughter Quana Bandz does not wish to speak to the media anymore, following the death of her long-time boyfriend. was born in Atlanta, Georgia, and shot to the big scenes when he was 19. The rapper had songs and features with Travis Scott, and Future to name a few. The medics are working hard to ascertain the cause of death for the rapper who was loved by so many in and outside the industry.  Lil Keed gave up the ghost at age 24.

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