Kourtney And Travis Barker Ceremony To Be In Ancient Italian Castle

and tied the knot legally in Santa Barbara last week and the couple had earlier hinted that they will hold the ceremony outside the US after sorting out the legal paperwork. The couple have revealed the location to the amazement of their fans.

Kourtney And Travis Barker Ceremony To Be In Ancient Italian Castle
and Kourtney at Grammys 2022

Italy is the country where Kourtney and Travis will be finding love and extending the celebrations of their conjugal bliss. The Barkers are only going to invite a few people to the wedding ceremony in the Mediterranean country and it will be a really close circle.

Travis will invite family and a few friends, as well as members of his band where he is the drummer. His children will also be in attendance to witness the conjugal celebrations. Kourtney invited her family, starting from her mom, her sisters, and her children will also be there as well. However her ex, Scott Disick was not invited to the ceremony and this has made many understand that both of them are not on good terms.

The celebrations will be a 4-day affair starting from the weekend and may well spill into midweek next week. It proves to be a very lavish affair and Kourtney and Travis will definitely want to make it count as the whole world will be kept abreast of happenings during the ceremony.

The location is the Castello Brown and the castle has a deep history among Italian folk. The castle was constructed as early as the eleventh century but became a military fortress for the Roman army in the early thirteenth century, most likely in the times of the Templars. The Castello Brown was used as a defense structure by the Roman army for nearly six hundred years and that dates back to the 1870s.

The castle was also the location for the American movie ”The Enchanted April” which was released in the early 1990s.  The castle serves a multi-purpose function; as an event centre, particularly weddings, and also as a museum as it contains great military records that are held by the Italian federal government.

Mr. and Mrs. Barker have promised to also host another wedding ceremony in L.A when they return from Italy.  The couple have not stated whenthis will be but sources close to Travis say they will consider it before the second quarter of the year comes to an end.

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