I Have Never Been Heartbroken – Simi

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In a recent exclusive interview with reality star Tacha on Cool FM, Lagos, popular Nigerian singer Simi, born Simisola Kosoko, made a surprising revelation about her personal life. 

I Have Never Been Heartbroken - Simi

The talented songstress shared that she has never suffered a heartbreak in any of her relationships, shattering the preconceived notions that her heart-wrenching songs were inspired by personal experiences.

During the candid conversation, Simi shed light on her latest song, ‘Stranger,’ clarifying that it wasn’t drawn from her encounters but rather served as an anthem for those who have been left heartbroken.

With a touch of humor, she declared herself an ambassador for those who have endured multiple heartbreaks, playfully referring to them as people who have “taken breakfasts severally.”

Simi said, “I don’t think I have ever been heartbroken. I don’t know, that song [‘Stranger’] came to me very easily. I guess, maybe I’m just a champion for people that have taken breakfasts [heartbroken] severally [laughs].

“I’m here for them. I mean, somebody has to be. And I remembered that I was thinking; I like love a lot, I think about love a lot.
And I felt like one angle that I probably haven’t explored like that is…

You know, like you are in a relationship, they have not given you breakfast yet but you just feel like you’ve changed so much and you are doing things, accepting things, or adapting to things that normally you would never would.

And then one day, you look at yourself in the mirror, and you are like, I don’t know that person.

“I feel like that was the perspective that would be nice to sing about or write about. That is going on in my feelings as well. And I feel like people would be able to relate with it, especially people that are currently going through a heartbreak.”

Watch her speak below:

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