How To Save Money For Your Next Travel

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Save Money To Travel In Nigeria

“I AM GOING TO TRAVEL THIS YEAR!” Did you say this last year too? This year is running out, have you given up? No, don’t give up. No matter how bad you are with handling money, you can actually save up money and have enough left after the trip. I’m not talking about going all the way to self-punishment for the sake of travel. Instead, I am going to share tips you can use to make more money out of the less you make. All the tips revolve around the pro tip to cut back on your spending. You only need to have a focus. Focus on your destination and all the nice things you have planned to enjoy. This will be your biggest drive and motivation.

Now here are the pro tips I talked about.

  1. Cook your own food.

Commercial foods can eat deeply into your pocket. You can only get amazed at how much you spend on food even in the cheapest mama put outlet as opposed to how much you’ll actually save cooking your own food. Pack your own lunch, make your own coffee, and make your own tea. It would really be a lot of hard work. But I promise you that it will be worth it. You will feel good drinking a Dubai brewed coffee, or a London made pizza. Nothing in Mama put can compare.

  1. Sell Unwanted Stuff.

We all have stuff that we don’t use any longer. Stuff that we have outgrown or stuff that we feel is low for our new standards. Clothes, old tires, caps, shoes, luggage, bags, and so on. There are many people out there who actually need this stuff. To you, it might seem useless. You’ll be surprised at how many people are willing to pay for these things you call trash. One man’s trash is another man’s thing. If you have a problem with face-to-face selling, worry no more, you know that there are several ways to sell stuff on OLX, Jumia, Konga, or it Swapit. Once you sell your stuff, put the money in a jar, don’t touch it! And save it in a bank later.

  1. Shop for Sales Items.

Also called clearance, sales items are sales (event in which a large number of items are discounted) in which the vendor or seller intends to get rid of all remaining stock whatever the item may be before closing down. These items can go for any price and are even usually put under the negotiable category. Don’t always buy it when it’s hot, you’ll spend more that way. Buy instead when the seller is tired of it and wants to rid himself of it. You would never know how much you’ll save!

  1. Research your Travel Destination.

This is the real deal. Where you really have to sit down and carefully scrutinize airline agencies and places as well as their costs. This will give you something to hold on to in your budget. Now there are so many airline agencies you can compare, but to save you that stress, I am recommending the tried and trusted Travelstart Nigeria because they offer amazingly cheap flights. And one hack though, (don’t say I told you) you would get a big discount if you book your ticket in advance… So start now, go on to their official website and check out their Flight Routes.

  1. Give Up Bad Habits.

No, No, NO!!! But hell yeah. I’m not going all mummy on you but seriously, look at this stuff and how much they eat into your daily to monthly spending. How much you spend on cigarettes, beer, or even clubbing. If you really think that doing these things in Lagos is sweeter that enjoying the London lights in the club, or a fancy hotel in Luxembourg, or Dubai, then go on. But otherwise, you have to focus and cut back on these habits. Else they will stop your dream of travelling this year again and you might never get go out of this country! So, if you normally smoke 10 sticks a day, why not think about reducing it. If you drink this much, try to cut back and start drinking this less.

Following these tips have really helped me and many others to travel to wherever in the world without fear of debts and worry. When you are on vacation and spending your own money, nothing can ever compare that feeling that you would have knowing that no matter what happens, you are going on your hard-earned dole and not some borrowed stash.

Get it together and travel now!

Wole Oduwole
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