Headaches and How to Work With Them


We can be incredibly efficient at work, manage hundreds of things, cope with a continuous flow of tasks, and in this cycle of events, we don’t notice the most important thing – ourselves and how we feel. So we forget to eat on time, do not notice the feeling of thirst, and wait for the headache to go away by itself.

Headaches and How to Work With Them

How to Understand if You Have a Problem

You can’t put aside physical needs. Any discomfort is a signal that something is going wrong and that we need to intervene immediately. A person gets used to ignoring headaches for years, and they become a constant companion of everyday life. According to the WHO, 50 to 75% of people from 18 to 65 have experienced an attack of headache at least once during the year.


Often the cause of headaches is lifestyle. We’re too multitasking: work, home, family, finances, housing – there’s no time for rest. Few people can boast that they fall asleep easily, get up happily, and sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Lack of sleep is one of the most common causes of headaches.


Fatigue is superimposed on chronic lack of sleep, but there is not less to do, and there are still 24 hours in the day. And now the task, which can easily be done in 30 minutes, requires much more time. Calls, letters, reports, unscheduled meetings, family matters – there is no way to escape from the cycle of tasks and just relax. So you should add some activities that aren’t related to your work. These can be sewing, betting via https://22bet.ng/live/ on the most beloved sports, or reading fiction books letting you get to imaginary worlds.


The situation is aggravated by an uncomfortable workplace and the wrong posture at the desk. We like to sit with our legs over our shoulders, with our back often bent and our free hand resting on our chin. As a result, some muscles get too stretched and others too tired, and tension throughout the body causes a headache.


Improper nutrition and lack of water habits are also common causes of headaches. Some people may have a headache when their blood sugar drops too much – for such cases you should keep a small snack, for example, nuts, in the workplace. And it is also better to observe a certain regime – to do a warm-up during breaks and have lunch at the same time.

Why You Should Look for a Solution 

The main danger of a headache is that its course can be unpredictable. That is why it is worth taking a pill, not waiting until the pain becomes unbearable. At such moments, due to the high load on the blood vessels, the body experiences severe stress, which can provoke a release of adrenaline into the blood, an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, loss of consciousness and even a stroke.


Remember that if a severe headache occurs for more than three consecutive days or more than fifteen days within a month, you need to see a doctor. A specialist will gather a medical history, prescribe the necessary tests and examinations to find out the real cause of the pain.

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