Should Nigeria Stick With Gernot Rohr Or Move Beyond His Era?

Should Nigeria Stick With Gernot Rohr Or Move Beyond His Era?
Gernot Rohr

The current Super Eagles coach, Gernot Rohr was appointed as Technical Adviser in August 2016. From the onset, his mandate was to qualify Nigeria for the Russia 2018 FIFA World Cup, as well as the 2019 African Cup of Nations.

Without missing words, Mr Rohr met the target, his employer NFF gave him by qualifying us with games to spare but failed to lead the Super Eagles to the second round of the World Cup in Russia. When he was expected to finish up Argentina. In fact, that game really exposed his technical ability when faced with a formidable opponent.

On the other target, he was able to win us a bronze medal at the Egypt 2019 African Cup of Nations, after successive failure to qualify in the 2015 and 2017 editions.

However, after those record most Nigerian enthusiasts believes he has nothing more to offer Nigeria hence has no more justification to continued as the Super Eagles gaffer.

Some of these reasons been put forward as

* He has stayed too long but has not really given the team a clear cut pattern of play. Like in the days of Westerhof when Nigeria was a joy to watch with the exciting wing play using the 442 formations.

* he has not been able to raise a standard first eleven after 5 years as the national team has become a training ground for any new player.

* his lack of technical input when it matters the most. A case study was the Argentina game at the world cup and Sierra Leone match where they came from 4 -0 to level up 4-4 here in Nigeria

* his continuous negative comments on the Nigeria league.. While we admit that the NPFL needs to improve. It’s not the place of our national coach to rubbish it openly and consistently. In the past NPFL players have featured for the national team. In Westerhof’s time and even Keshi’s time where a local Sunday Mba can even score at AFCON finals.

I will never agree we don’t have good players, OK! Look at Enyimba’s Anayo Iwuala when given the chance did very well. So there are certainly others than can

* the lack of fear factor – before now Super Eagles sends fear to the opponent. But today we just reply on luck to win

* by the end of his contract he would have served as the longest coach ever in the super eagles yet he is still building

To some set of school, they believe if he has qualified before he should remain forever because for once we didn’t use a calculator.

But must we sacrifice Nigeria to appease one man?
To be realistic Nigeria brand is bigger than Rohr … We are talking of a country that was once ranked the 5th best footballing nation in the world. We talking of the first black nation to win the Olympics. After this achievement. I expect we should begin to aim at winning the world cup.
If we truly have an ambition.

Not to be celebrating winning Cape Varde? Is a no no for me
In that light of where we are coming from I think we should moved beyond this Rohr era and dream biggest

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