Crayon Enjoys High Energy on New Single “The One (Chop Life)” Featuring Yaba Buluku Boyz

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Crayon Enjoys High Energy on New Single "The One (Chop Life)" Featuring Yaba Buluku Boyz

After an impressive 2022, Crayon is back with his energetic new single “The One (Chop Life),” featuring Mozambican trio Yaba Buluku Boyz. As the opening act for what is expected to be a landmark year for the “Ijo (Labalaba)” singer, “The One (Chop Life)” is a festive anthem masterfully crafted on DJ Tarico’s Amapiano production.

Displaying boldness, Crayon takes on the role of a leader and party initiator in this song. His exuberant and charismatic persona is showcased as he celebrates his victories by shutting down the bar, ordering champagne, and toasting to happiness. The Yaba Buluku Boyz provide an extra burst of energy and momentum, making this track a go-to for party enthusiasts.

Crayon shares his thoughts on the inspiration behind the single, stating, “For me, this single is about self-affirmation. It’s about having a good time. Believing the bad time won’t last. And understanding that you can celebrate because you see the positive even when things are not yet how they should be.” He adds, “Like I often say, broken Crayons still color.”

Featuring intelligent wordplay, innuendos, and street slang that have become characteristic of Crayon’s music, “The One (Chop Life)” is set to be another triumphant addition to Captain Hook’s repertoire.

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