Champions League: Liverpool Stars Wear Neuro Sensors Ahead Of Titan Clash Against Real Madrid

Ahead of the UEFA Champions League final tomorrow at the Stade de France, Liverpool and Real Madrid have been preparing massively for the herculean final which will determine the winner of Europe’s greatest competition. 

Champions League: Liverpool Stars Wear Neuro Sensors Ahead Of Titan Clash Against Real Madrid
and Trent practicing set pieces wearing neuro sensors

The Reds are six-time winners of the coveted trophy whilst Real Madrid have won it a record 13 times. With preparations taking on a whole new level, it is safe to say that we will be well entertained by the biggest names of European football.

Liverpool have taken their preparations to a whole new level as they have collaborated with a German-based neuroscience group named to aid the pitch performance of certain players in their squad. The Potsdam scientists are aptly knowledgable with both football and neurosciences and they have found an interrelationship between the two fields, this thesis has been put into practice in recent weeks when Liverpool won the FA Cup on penalties against Chelsea.

The exercises using the neuro sensors will focus mainly on set pieces like penalties, free kicks, and corners. The mixing of super science with football has taken the game to another dimension that was probably never envisaged in the past. Happening for all to see, it is a demonstration of football evolving to be synonymous with a kinetic science.

The players that were involved in these drills were and Trent Alexander-Arnold. Both are fullbacks and are known for their dead-ball abilities and this has caused plenty of reactions on social media. Kostas Tsimikas scored a well-dispatched penalty to win the FA Cup for the Reds two weeks ago. There seems to be a positive cognitive result regarding the use of these science apparatuses. Jordan Henderson stated that the use of these sensors has helped to put the players at ease especially the ones burdened with the task of sending in a set piece from a corner or a freekick.

The Merseyside club are assessing the fitness of Thiago Alcantara and are very optimistic about him featuring tomorrow against Real Madrid.

The match will be in Paris, the French capital and kick off is  20:00 GMT.

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