9 Mistakes Nnamdi Kanu Made And How We Can Learn From Them

9 Mistakes Nnamdi Kanu Made And How We Can Learn From Them

1. Asking for 2000 human heads on air, after the death of Ikonso as if he was talking about rats. When I listened to the broadcast, it made me cringe. If this was achieved, it would have been equated to mass murder.

2. Praising and praying for the UGM which made complicit in their activities

3. Making too many enemies even within his family with unguarded utterances and insults

4. Saying that Buhari was dead when everyone including the international community knew it was a myth.

5. Asking the youth to jump into the forest prematurely without proper equipment and protection

6. Making enemies of the Igbo leadership, elite and governors who had the means to support the cause behind the scenes, but also the resources to betray you

7. Weak security strategy that led to the revealing of members data and probably his own abduction. This is AI age, we need better technology and superior intelligence.

8. Outlandish propaganda which was too funny to believe and made a mockery of IPOBs integrity ; example – saying that Israel were preparing to bomb Nigeria, that’s not propaganda, that’s bull sh.it.

9. Insulting the British high commissioner in Nigeria , her name is Catriona Laing. I know the British, they can be very vindictive and we can’t rule out British intelligence involvement in your capture.

If you want to be accepted and respected by the international community , you have to be careful, calculated, reserved with your words, strategic and patient, most especially make friends not enemies and be very very secretive about your plans and whereabouts.

But you tried, after all you are only 1 man and you carried a huge load with no thanks. You have led the way and now others must learn from these mistakes and change approach.

We will keep fighting for your release day and night and we will never ever stop the struggle for Biafra, never.

IPOB, MASSOB, other Biafran groups should learn from these fatal errors.

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