Zlatan & Oberz Highlight Humble Beginnings In ‘Suffer’ Video

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Zlatan & Oberz Highlight Humble Beginnings In ‘Suffer’ Video

Suffer video is a chronicle of an artist’s journey from an impoverished background to achieving his dreams.

Well-shot with the right instrumentals serving as a backdrop for a relatable story, the visuals for Suffer with Zlatan and Oberz is another testament to how far Nigerian artists have come when it comes to aesthetics.

This is Oberz’s story and it is one that every Nigerian easily relates to. His humble beginnings never stopped him from seeing beyond his current state. With an indomitable will and something inside him that he knew would lead to recognition, he persevered and is now on the path to fame.

Zlatan & Oberz Highlight Humble Beginnings In ‘Suffer’ Video

Gone are the days when visual interpretation was one of the major problems for African artists. Directed by Visionary Pictures, this music video keeps the viewer’s interest because every shot and camera angle is a new perspective to a tale that never gets old.

In the end, this clip’s simple lyrics are bolstered by an impressive collaboration from two artists whose blend of simple lyrics and musical storytelling elevates the song and brings out its didactic content.

Watch the video below:

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