Yoruba Actress, Biodun Okeowo Finds Love Again

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Yoruba Actress, Biodun Okeowo Finds Love Again
Biodun Okeowo

Yoruba actress, Biodun Okeowo, popularly called Omo Butty, is in love again. The mother of two posted a love message, stating that one should not allow a love that has everything you wish for go away.

“When luck finds you, and you find someone who makes you happy, makes you smile, makes you forget all the pains you’ve ever gone through, who check up on you often to see if you’re okay, who watches out for you and wants the best for you in life, who loves and respects you, don’t let them go. People like that are hard to come by”.

“There’s always that one person that you’ve had feelings for since the moment you first met them, she added.”

The actress has also had it out with Cyber Bullies. Omo Butty who recently posted a picture of herself wearing a tight hugging gown, with a pose showing off her backside, which she referred to as God given, is asking the bullies to get busy and stay off her case.

“Cyber bullies please get busy!!! The fact that you struck the same pose like I struck In this picture and yet your ass refused to show, tells me that you’re a bully…do I cut off my God given gift because it will show anytime I take a picture? Niger peeps I tire o….cyber bullsh!ts don’t mess with me…”

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