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Would You Marry Someone With A High Body Count?

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Just thought we could an intellectual discussion on body count and how relevant they are in today’s society?

Body count basically refers to how many people a person has slept with.

If anyone watches BKchat (a YouTube series that discusses issues in society from the point of view of men vs women. It’s quite popular in the U.K. and Europe), the controversial topic of body counts was discussed. This of course raised a lot questions on gender equality. So, bringing the same question to Nigeria, What would you consider a high body count and would that be an important factor in choosing a wife/husband?

In the BKchat episode, there was a general consensus with the men that it was okay for a man to have a high body count because men, more than women, can detach their feelings from sex. Do you agree? Why?

Can we try to keep this intellectual and respect other people’s opinions. One can rebuttal but keep it respectful please. Thank you.

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  1. Lol body count. I don hear new one today. As long as she neva turn borehole. No be Virgin I de find b4

  2. That should be in the past. Even if she was a pro$t!tute except she now has complications o. But the present is the most important

  3. Nobody will want to b honest abt it. So I won’t even boda mysef

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