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What Can One Do About A Snoring Partner?

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What Can One Do About A Snoring Partner?

Most people are prone to snoring… Snoring is one big turn off for some people, me in particular… imagine you had a very stressful day and need a good night rest and you can’t get one cos your partner snores so bad…… Damn!!!

I love my sleep and wouldn’t want to be disturbed by the sound of a crying bull…but what can one do about a partner who snores

I’ve heard and read that snoring causes havoc in relationships, which I’m sure is true because one person won’t be able to have a good sleep….and not having a good sleep, won’t keep your mind at rest…and not having a rest of mind, emmm….you know what will happen next

If you find out that your bf/gf is a deep snorer, would you end the relationship?

If you decide to stay with him/her, will you tell them that they snore? I asked this cos I know some people don’t really know they snore and won’t be happy if they were told…

Married folks, what are your sleeping arrangements like, Do you and your partner sleep in separate rooms? undecided

How do you keep your bond strong in the face of snoring?

Can one ever stop snoring?

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