VIDEO: See How Sierra Leonean Fainted After Seeing Tekno On Stage 

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<p><strong>VIDEO:</strong> See How Sierra Leonean Fainted After Seeing <strong>Tekno</strong> On Stage </p>

Nigerian singer, Tekno Miles was left in a state of panic after a Sierra Leonean fan fainted while trying to reach him on stage out of joy. The incident happened in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

It was gathered that as Tekno Miles hit the stage, his fans just couldn’t get enough of him especially the girls as they screamed without stop.

A girl, supposedly a very big fan and lover of the Nigerian talent, Tekno Miles, fainted as she stepped on the stage as the singer was set to perform.

However, the singer settled the whole thing with just a hug as the fan became well again. He held on to her for seconds to make her fell better as the crowd went crazy.

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