That Moment When You Wake Up And You Can’t Move – It’s Not An Attack!

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That Moment When You Wake Up And You Can't Move - It's Not An Attack!

I know we’ve all experienced Sleep paralysis (the moment you just woke up and you can’t move) at a point in our lives, some people even experience it more than twice a week.

I know so many people think it’s a spiritual attack, but let me say it’s not.

Sleep paralysis is caused when parts of the rapid eye movement (REM) state of sleep persist or intrude into wakefulness, This means that you remain temporarily paralyzed, but are fully conscious.

RME (rapid eye movement) sleep

Sleep occurs in cycles and each cycle is split into two phases – REM sleep and non-REM sleep.

The brain is very active in REM sleep and most dreams occur during this stage. The body is paralysed, apart from the movement of the eyes and diaphragm (the muscle used in breathing). The paralysis is thought to occur to prevent you acting out the actions in your dreams and potentially causing injury.

Sleep paralysis occurs when the normal muscular paralysis of REM sleep temporarily continues after you’ve woken up.

So come and share your experiences and how you overcome it whenever it happens.

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