Swimming Against The Tide – Olanrewaju Ojuoluwa

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– By Olanrewaju Ojuoluwa

Swimming Against The Tide - Olanrewaju Ojuoluwa

For a people endowed with great potentials as well as a geographical location in which are numerous resources of all kinds (more than enough to make any nation thrive) to wallow in such abject poverty as Nigerians experience daily is an error.

Looking around, anyone knowledgeable enough and, cautious of life must ask questions: how a country blessed with both human and natural resources should have the poorest people in the universe; how, the commoners become so vulnerable because they are not connected to politicians in the corridor of power.

Nigerians are hardworking. In fact, they are workaholics. To them, it pays to be diligent because they believe no lazy man should eat. They are therefore not comfortable being idle. They always find something doing no matter how little…

They are enterprising. They are raw talents. They are skilled. They are exceptional. They are intelligent. They are brilliant. They are business minded. They do not waste time. And as a matter of fact, they believe time is money. Nigerians are disciplined people as against speculations that they are otherwise.

However, they are poverty stricken! Their efforts do not correspond with their results. They strive but they do not thrive. They labour but there is very little or nothing to show for it. Others who do not hustle as much as Nigerians do, seem to prosper more as they do little but have big results, whereas, Nigerians do so much more but have small/no results all because of the actions and inactions of few. A microscopic few.

Not all Nigerians are poor. There are those who are averagely rich, others, stinkingly rich and some, extremely wealthy. Of these categories are the legit who, by virtue of hard work, coupled with ‘luck’ and perhaps financial cushion are able to break even, bringing into reality their dreams and ideas.

Another category, the illegitimately rich are those who engage crooked ways to enrich themselves. They are kidnappers, ritualists, terrorists, armed robbers, assassins, etc. They are politicians who embezzle, loot and squander public funds, not minding what the impact will be on the people. They see politics as a means of getting enriched overnight as against service to the people. Those who are not in the forefront among them, that is, those who do not run for public offices, are contractors who conspire together with their partners in crime to inflate project costs in order to rob the people of their treasures. Capital Projects for Capital Fraud.

The rest, who are the vast majority are left swimming against the tide. They dream against dream and hope against hope. They are the perfect illustration of frustration. They keep doing everything possible to break even. The more they try, the more it seems their situations get worse.

Some of them who still have faith in the system believe that time heals wound. Little do they know that, the Nigeria ship is not just failing, it is wrecked already, and all that is needed now is salvaging. There are others who believe that Nigeria is a sh!thole country where nothing good can thrive. They therefore seek opportunities to escape to greener pastures at all costs. They too do not have it as planned anymore, recent Lybian Slave dungeon a pointer.

It is no secret that Nigeria can not survive any longer with the existing modalities. APC, PDP and/or any of the established association of dealers rather than leaders cannot lead Nigeria out of this mess. They got us all here in the first place. They made a project, impoverishing the people in order to keep manipulating them at will. And why not, they are doing what they know how to do best – evil. They are passionately wicked!

Speaking of being wicked, their sole occupation is doing evil. They are diligent in executing their evil plans. They thrive doing evil. It is a misnomer for anyone to expect anything good from them or their camp. ‘Good’ is not their way of life. They do not believe in it. They are wicked, and what they do is evil!

The people however are not diligent in kicking against evil. The force of their resistance does not march the force of their oppressors’ afflictions. And, until they can march force with their taskmasters, their situations will not get better anytime soon. They must as a matter of urgency take drastic actions against the established politicians who keep thriving at their expense.

They must unanimously paralyze the existing political structures and rid this land of suffering and poverty. They must support the Revolutionaries who want the best for Nigeria at this point in time. They must take responsibility for their lives now, more than ever. They must effect the change they so much deserve by giving the YOUTHS the chance to take over the mantle of leadership.

By then, their efforts would match their results and they would not need to be workaholics with little/no results. They would not need to swim against the tide as Nigeria must have been salvaged by then.

I am Olanrewaju Ojuoluwa, Youth Advocate, Social Reformer and an arrowhead in the ongoing YOUTH sociopolitical Revolution in Nigeria.

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