Record Labels, 3 Artists You Should Go For Now!

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By ‘Wole Oduwole

Episode 2 of my industry diary is focusing on talented acts Record Company should pen right now. The industry is humming and these guys in review are boisterous acts with full potentials to break-even for any Record Imprint that understands the business.

Record Labels, 3 Artists You Should Go For Now!
Wale Turner: should be on the chase list of any Record Company right now. The rapper is so much of a relevant content to the industry at the moment. For quite a number of people, he’s the new guy in the block but others that know him really well would tell you he’s been around the corner for a while now.

He’s got this popularity across social media, Instagram to be precise, often showing off his skills with short freestyle videos. However, the industry felt his huge presence when he dropped that trending freestyle, “NO“. One thing can be deduced from the dude’s style and that’s street credibility. Knowing what it is like in Nigeria, artists with street cred always stay around for a long while. So if you’re that label scouting for a Major Key, start working out your papers for Wale Turner ’cause he’s a potential in the Nigerian Music Industry.

Record Labels, 3 Artists You Should Go For Now!
BLAQBONEZ: Rapper with so much dexterity and versatility. Blaqbonez is an unrelenting talent notable to good number of hip hop fans, especially on the social space. His ‘raptitude‘ got him on Hennessy VS Class Cypher that featured other young great prominent rappers. It might interest you to know BLAQ has released over five mixtapes.

Cassettes, Tapes And TVs (CTAT), A Day’s Work and recently Last Time Under were part of the Mixtapes released by Blaqbonez. Blaqbonez can become anything when it comes to the rap game, he’s a radical talent you can tell from his flows in Eruku Moves. Intelligent rapper that know how to hit it right. I see him as a Vector protégé, little wonder why he’s fond of the LAFIAJI rapper.

Not quite sure if the rapper is formally signed to any label but at time he was was managed by Owner of Even as a label-free artist, Blaqbonez has got a huge influence in the industry that has enabled him to pull Vector and Dremo on the remix of his “Rambo” track which is yet to be released. Label owners should know these are guys that can turn things around with a little push.

Record Labels, 3 Artists You Should Go For Now!
Qdot: yea, if you conversant with the industry you’ll know Qdot Alagbe isn’t a new guy. Just the way almost everyone is thinking, this guy has made successive hit singles but seems not to be in the limelight, what could be possibly wrong? Management issues – That’s answer. From Alomo Meta to Ibadan and “Orijin” that turned a surprise to see Reminisce snagged an endorsement with the brand instead of him.

Qdot is a brilliant kid in a poor school, he really needs to change his team, get a proper management that will position him to where he gets reward for his talent. A good record company can make this happen. He was reportedly signed to label owned by D’tunes sometime ago but it’s yet to yield anything

Conclusion: There are talents out there – yes! But to save you the stress of experimenting, these are potential artists you can also beckon on.

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  1. Wale Turner doesn’t need a label. He’s a one man-mopol for the street

  2. Sewa Akinwunmi Reply

    watch out for wale turner. infact start watching him, because he is loaded

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