Real Madrid Superstars Unhappy With Gareth Bale’s Wage Demands

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Real Madrid Superstars Unhappy With Gareth Bale's Wage Demands
Gareth Bale

If reports in Barcelona based agency Sport are to be believed, there may be trouble brewing in the Real Madrid dressing room, where the rest of the players are reportedly not very pleased with the airs around their star midfielder Gareth Bale.

The 27-year-old Welshman has not yet seen the end of his troubles adjusting in Madrid ever since he arrived there in 2013 from Tottenham in what was the world’s most expensive transfer at the time.

According to the report, the widespread acknowledgement of his stellar performance in the Euros and his nomination UEFA’s Best Player in Europe award has made the Welsh player think a little too highly of himself. This pride has been on display for quite some time now and not many players are taking it well. The report doesn’t mince words in stating that, ‘The heavyweights of Madrid’s dressing room don’t think Bale’s airs of grandeur are appropriate.’

The report states that the ‘heavyweights’ are not happy to know that Bale has allegedly been in touch with President Perez over an enhanced contract, which they feel is not entirely commensurate with his recent performances for the club. The very idea of an increase to €17 million per annum is a proposition which is, in their opinion, unfair.

The veracity of these reports shall pass through many tests — at the forefront of which is the fact that Sport is a Barcelona-based news agency and Bale was instrumental in the tense season that the two clubs had recently. Bale has another three years left on his contract at the Bernabeu and his contribution to Los Blancos’ two Champions League titles in addition to a Copa del Rey is well known. Thus, even if there is some fire causing this smoke, manager Zinedine Zidane will be eager to settle it for good.

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