[POEM] Buhari, Give Me My Change

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[POEM] Buhari, Give Me My Change

Give me my change!
Mr. Bureau-de-change
You criticized the corruption and presented yourself as an option,
You promised us the reverse but became corruption-revised.
Power Must Change Hands even if the new hands hold the same stance or,
in this circumstance, even a worst stance.
Kai! I don enter one chance!

Dis change na long thing,
Looks like we’ve been shortchanged by Frenemies and Judas’ kissings,
We’ ve been shot at close range.
You had better ask this conductor to give you your change, before your change is doctored (like the budget),
before they change the change.

Government by fool, by force, subjected our welfare to foreign exchange
They have nothing in stock for us,
they only care about their stock exchange.
they altered our direction like a deflated Attention,
and now they try to reshape our brain to their new retrogressive terrain,

Our ideas are re-arranged till we are confused and deranged.
Pay workers their wage and the pensioners of age,
Free us from this bondage,
Free us from the chains of change!
Change my situation,
“Help my solution”.

This change, in fact, feels strange and now,
the change have been exchanged,
They said ‘Change Begins with me’,
Why, then, did i not vote for me?!

By Omole Ibukun (O.I gueVara)

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