Oyo Workers Stage Protest, Demand Review Of Allowances

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In a show of collective frustration, Oyo State workers and pensioners took to the streets on Monday, shutting down the state secretariat located at Agodi in Ibadan.

Oyo Workers Stage Protest, Demand Review Of Allowances  The massive protest was organized to draw attention to a range of pressing issues affecting their livelihoods. Amidst chants and placards demanding justice, the protesters highlighted several key demands.

Foremost among them were urgent palliatives to alleviate the economic strain in the country. Additionally, the agitators voiced their concerns about the stagnant pension allowances and called for an upward revision to match the rising cost of living.

They emphasized that many retirees were struggling to meet their basic needs, and an increased pension would offer much-needed relief in their post-service years.

The protestors also voiced their frustration about delayed salary deductions, which have piled up over time. Demanding prompt payment of these deductions, the workers argued that it was unjust to withhold their hard-earned money for an extended period.

Moreover, the protesters expressed grievances about the payment of leave bonuses. They called upon the state government to settle all outstanding bonuses accrued over the years, as many employees faced difficulties in planning their annual leaves without the promised financial support.

A key issue that gained prominence during the demonstration was the backlog of gratuities for retirees who have remained unpaid since the year 2021. The retirees, who devoted their lives to public service, are now facing financial uncertainties, leaving them distressed and anxious about their future.

Furthermore, the protesters demanded the prompt release of promotion letters for the years 2021 and 2022. They argued that the prolonged delay in promoting deserving employees had dampened morale and hindered career progression within the state workforce.

The demonstration was a joint effort by various labor unions, with workers and pensioners joining forces under the banners of the Nigeria Labour Congress, Trade Union Congress, Nigeria Union of Pensioners, Nigeria Union of Local Government Employees, and their affiliates.

Addressing the protesters, union leaders stressed that their grievances had long been neglected, pushing them to take such drastic action to demand their rights. They called on the Oyo State government to engage in constructive dialogue and promptly address the pressing concerns to avoid further disruptions to public services.

As the protest continued to escalate, it drew the attention of citizens and media outlets across the nation, with widespread support pouring in for the workers and pensioners.

The state government has yet to issue an official response to the protesters’ demands, leaving the future course of action uncertain.

This demonstration reflects the deep-rooted issues faced by workers and pensioners in Oyo State and underscores the importance of addressing their grievances to foster a fair and just work environment for all citizens.

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