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Odunlade Adekola: Actor Denies Using Voodoo To Attain Stardom

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Odunlade Adekola: Actor Denies Using Voodoo To Attain Stardom

Popular Nollywood Yoruba actor, Odunlade Adekola has been on top of the industry and no doubt, he keeps waxing stronger with his fame and fortune. The Abeokuta-bred entertainer has debunked using diabolical means to make exploits in his acting career.

Adekola who is also an ambassador of Globacomm Telecommunication shared with Saturday Beats how people falsely claim he used ‘juju’ to reach stardom.

Read excerpts:

“I never knew I would be successful as an actor; my belief has always been that God should elevate me in my endeavours. I always prayed that God should make me a successful person.

“Some people say that I used voodoo or metaphysical powers to be successful. I hear when they say such but I tell everyone that I can never do such. During the graduation of my students last year, I addressed this issue because it was during that time people were peddling rumours of my demise. When the rumour of my death hit town, some people said that I did ‘jazz’ to be successful. That was why during the graduation of my students last year, I said it in public that if I had ever thought of doing ‘jazz’ to succeed God should make me lose everything I had ever worked for.

“I hear these comments but they do not move me at all. I am a writer, director, producer and an actor. It is normal for people to talk but it has never upset me.”

Odunlade Adekola: Actor Denies Using Voodoo To Attain Stardom
Odunlade Adekola wins award in Houston, Texas

The actor told Saturday Beats that he has always been a funny actor since the beginning of his career in his church. He said although people loved his performances, he never thought of making it a career.

“I started acting in church when I was a kid. When I was in church, I was like Baba Suwe, whenever I mounted the stage, people would start laughing. A lot of people really loved me but I did not really have interest in acting.

“There was a friend of mine, Tunde, who also acted. He told an actor about me and the man asked to see me. When I got there, the man asked me to act for him and ever since then, I never stopped acting. I later joined the man’s acting group and that was how I started. This happened in 1996,” Adekola added.

Meanwhile, the actor recently added another feather to his cap as he received a prestigious award, Afro-Heritage Broadcasting and Entertainment Award, in the US. He said the award was given to him alongside other prominent Nigerians because of his contribution to the Nigerian movie industry.

“I bagged an award in Houston, Texas and I was given the award because of my role in the movie industry and all the things I have done to uplift the industry.”

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