#NigeriaAt56: The Hardest Times Are Here

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“God grant me the courage not to give up what I think is right, even though I think it is hopeless. “

These times are remarkably the most hard times in the history of the Nigeria economy. The harsh weather of the Nigeria economy is seen upon all and sundry. Yet, we will not give up on our dear nation Nigeria.

I once read of a beautiful quote, which says; “change is hard at the beginning, tough at the middle and enjoyable at the end.” As a matter of fact, my concern hasn’t been with the “change” in itself, but its effect on us and how we had reacted to this effect.

It is human to find something or someone to blame for everything that goes down about us and around us. But, to blame someone or something about what is so dear to our life and destiny isn’t wise, and doesn’t speak of us as someone who can stand strong on our two feet, alone. Though, this might seems to be hard times for the nation. But, hard times like this are meant to help shift our perspective from what used to be, to what ought to be. Hard times are meant to open our eyes to see the several opportunities we were blinded off by our comfortability . Hard times are meant to reposition us and refocus us on a new course. The last time I checked, blaming anybody or anything for our own predicament hasn’t solve a dim of a problem.

The change we anticipate for in this nation can’t be achieved by the strength of power or the coercion by the rod of economic hardship. This change can only be achieved by the strength of will. By the tenacity of our will, together. Haven’t you read or heard about the tower of babel, whose people had a strong will to build a tower to heaven that even God affirm to what they are capable of achieving by the strength of their will together.

The Nigeria we anticipate to see is yet to be unveiled. But truly, this new Nigeria is forming into shape. Just like the embryo in the womb of a mother, Nigeria is becoming a whole body. Come to think of this, many strong and economically buoyant nations of the world took close to a century to come to the peak of where they are presently. Talk of USA, China, Norway(one of the nations of the world with the richest economy who got her independence in 1814, 102 years ago). Nigeria, been 56 years today since independence shows we are not less of becoming one of the world leading economy, our current situation notwithstanding. Our present state isn’t our final state.

We all have vital roles to play for a new Nigeria to emerge. Never should we blame the Leadership of our nation. If positions were equivalent to being responsible, then the most highly placed in the society are the most responsible. But this is not always so. The most highly placed who ain’t responsible to his family of 4, how do you expect such to be responsible to his community let alone his nation?

Being responsible is the undying zest to right the wrong, the desire to replace evil deeds with good, the capability to alter the status quo and the ability to have a listening hear, which listens to the heartbeat of the people.

We become responsible when we begin to see the leader we are truly meant to be. The leader we have become isn’t position freak neither is he politically hungry.

In conclusion, I will want us to celebrate the man Nigeria is today, as Nigeria is progressively tending towards what she had always been called; the giant of Africa.


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