Is MI Abaga The Best Rapper In Nigeria? Part 1


Is MI Abaga The Best Rapper In Nigeria? Part 1

It’s an understatement to say the Nigerian music industry has evolved, ’cause it’s more than booming right now. Shooting up to global recognition is a huge landmark for the industry.

However, its hip-hop category has continued to strive with too many things to put in place. And the question is, who is the best rapper in Nigeria? Of course, the answer on many lips is but is he truly worthy of being called the best rapper in Nigeria?

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Gida Hills and Blak Shakespear go heads in on this discussion. Pointing out the success of his albums from inception; Talk About It, MI2, The Chairman and mixtapes – Illegal Music 1-3, Blak feels can’t hold on to that position of the best as many promising and better rappers are already making things happen in the scene.

Vector Tha Viper was also dragged into the discussion as a better rapper compared to MI – you can disagree with this but listen up to Hip Hop In 5 Mins to get along with the discussion.

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