Netflix’s “The I-Land” Series: Internet Reviews Bite Hard At Witty Plot


Netflix's "The I-Land" Series: Internet Reviews Bite Hard At Witty Plot

Another Netflix’s original series, “The I-Land” debuts on the streaming app in the previous week and it turns out a shade of fascination to many viewers.

As the title connotes, as against Island is some technologically developed infirmation where prisoners on death row are supposed to find their way back home – to redemption!

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For a Sci-Fic, would definitely get a good score but the bone of contention with a lot of viewers was how the entire plot of the series was quickly unravelled.

Netflix's "The I-Land" Series: Internet Reviews Bite Hard At Witty Plot

I L on Google said:

It was entertaining. But how the plot was unravelled was kind of uncool and swiftly brought across, like there was no way to be interpreted except for being directly spelt out in words. Not only by the jurors but the marshals too. Like the director’s thinking, we might be too dumb to figure out or just really can’t find another way to present. The ending was also a little strange that main character was, in fact, able to fight so many other guards while all along being “connected” at that age. Maybe the meds that disconnected her will also disable the strength n ability she had possessed when fighting the guards. Still, it was quite a creative concept though I thought it seemed like inception + shutter island concept a bit? Anything with Leonardo behind the scenes? Kate did a good job with her face in n out of the water, could feel the agony in her. The lead lady was very good too, especially being irritating at first to pick up a quarrel but that’s her.

To go with I L, the producers must have undermined the reasoning of their viewers to think they won’t comprehend where the story is actually leading with the major plot unravelled.

Mrs. B said:

A good concept, some funny one-liners and a couple of dreadful acting scenes all added to the fun of it really. There was also a bit of old fashioned ‘bad guy’ thriller to it too so I found it really entertaining. A great show which I think could have been a lot longer. My only complaint would be that I wish they had kept the core idea behind secret for longer (to us the viewer), some of the characters were interesting and we could have seen more development on them. I have been left with so many ideas for a second series, so hoping someone picks it up and runs with it again in the future.

Lower H apparently hit below the belly:

I think I’m being generous by giving it two stars, which is only in part due to a few of the actors/actresses and their performance, regardless of the script they have been given – i.e. Martinez, Bosworth, Peet. I can only imagine what it must have been like for them to act with this script while taking it seriously. At times, it feels like a high school project but with a budget and proper location, mainly due to the terrible dialogue and flow between scenes and characters. Who speaks and acts like these characters do, and (spoiler alert) who wakes up on an island with amnesia and complete confusion, and then 10 minute’s later, starts hooking up with random people on the said island? I would almost give it another half of a star b/c of how badass Martinez gets at times, but unfortunately, it is not enough to carry the plot and keep the audience engaged. I felt like I had to continue to see it through this short mini-series, only to see if it was just a matter of a slow start and building chemistry; however, it, unfortunately, leaves much to be desired. Good luck to the cast during interviews regarding this “gem”! Netflix, why are you producing shows like this and canning shows like the OA (which blows this show out of the water, clearly demonstrating what quality writing and acting is like)? If this poor quality level continues, I may need to seriously reevaluate my membership, especially with Disney+ coming.

After all these reviews, should we expect a major twist in a sequel – that’s if we getting any. The series has been listed as “Limited Edition” by Netflix, so you never can tell.

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