Man Walks Into Apple Store, Smashes Every Iphone In Sight


This was the moment a vandal calmly walked into an Apple store and began smashing iPhones, iPads and laptops with a metal ball.

The man, dressed in shades and wearing a backpack, was filmed as he walked from one tech stand to the next in a French shop.

He can be seen picking up iPhones , placing them on the counter then bringing a metal pétanque ball crashing down on the screen.


As he wanders through the store he smashes pieces of tech as he goes while ranting in French.

Eventually, a security guard jogs over and asks the man what he is doing.

But, incredibly the man simply walks out of the shop.


A video of the incident was posted to Twitter on Thursday afternoon and has so far received more than 4,000 retweets.

The man has not yet been identified and it is unclear where the incident took place or whether any arrests were made.

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