Kardashian Defamation: Blac Chyna Claims Judge Was Hostile

The ongoing case between Angela White, better known as Blac Chyna, and the Kardashian-Jenner family has taken a whole new twist. The popular TV personality has now alleged that she was not fairly treated during the court hearing of the defamation allegation and she expressed her feelings thus, going on to say that the judge was ”undeniably hostile and extremely biased” during the hearing.


Kardashian Defamation: Blac Chyna Claims Judge Was Hostile
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Certain court documents have revealed that filed a peremptory challenge against Judge Gregory Alarcon of the Los Angeles Superior Court, stating that he was undeniably hostile and extremely biased in his ruling against her and her lawyer Lynne Ciani. Chyna also claimed that the jury made key liability verdicts in her favour.

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She also reckons she was wrongfully denied due process with regards to the jury instruction and special verdict form. The seething 33-year-old celebrity was having no rubbish thrown at her and was rather disappointed with Alarcon’s ruling. Her lawyer, Ciani, is going to appeal this ruling and ensure her client, Blac Chyna, is well treated and that justice be served in accordance with the law.

The Karjenner family is also not sitting around. Their family attorney Michael Rhodes has attacked Ciani and Chyna with a 20-paged opposition claim, insisting Chyna is the one causing the defamation that is affecting the family’s reputation and it is resulting in confusing postulates among people, who are sympathetic with Blac Chyna’s claims.

and were in a strong relationship and they had a child together. It is rumoured that Rob’s sisters were not big fans of Blac  Chyna and were often hostile to her. Albeit, she was very loved by Rob and it seemed they were going to get married. However, Chyna played the role of a video vixen in Future’s ”Rich s£x” track in 2016 and sources close to the family felt she was too intimate with the rapper as she was engaged to Rob at the time.

is going to ensure that her current case with the Karjenner family is won by her team of attorneys and by winning public sympathy, one can say she has an edge. Although the Karjenner family are taking it all in stride, it is undoubted that they will not leave the case laying down without acting on it and they too remain optimistic of winning the case with little or no stress.

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