Actress Yetunde Bakare Reacts After Being Called Out By Jinad Habibat

Nollywood actress, has reacted after being called out by a colleague, Jinad Habibat.

Actress Yetunde Bakare Reacts After Being Called Out By Jinad Habibat

Talkglizt had reported that actress Habibat mentioned Yetunde in the information she had passed across.

Yetunde said the incident between them actually happened four years ago and Habibat accused her that she heard one thing or the other about her.

She also said nobody ask her about the job or business for Habibat

Yetunde wondered why Habibat was just mentioning what happened four years ago now.

she described Habibat as a joker who wants to create enemies for her based on hearsay.

She said the both of them had settled their differences then and whereas Habibat is not a stranger to her.

She wrote on her Instagram page, “I’ll just make it simple out of respect for My Son and because you’re not a stranger to me 👌

Nobody… I repeat absolutely NOBODY asked me about you either for a job or business

If you want to create enemies for me based on hearsay that HAPPENED 4 YEARS AGO then you’re a joker 👌

And to that SENIOR COLLEAGUE that is always ready to jump on anything that has to do with YETUNDE 😊 May you find PEACE 🤗”

See some reactions:

Kapt wrote, “Maybe u should just change ur way sha..Cos most of d comments on Instablog do not show u as a good person…Try to do d needful and stop putting mouth to every matter..T for Thanks”

Goldharem wrote, “Darling no one tagged you, it’s everywhere and you saw it may God give u both peace cause of Ur children that you’re saying for my son for my son, boya sons yin ran yin Ni Ise”

Ola funmite wrote, “No one should upset you pls. Osharo monday ojo aje. Make them carry their bad energy far away”

Funke wrote, “Calm down darling, both of u sort it out”

Modupeola wrote, “Sis yetty,nor drag a senior colleague who dropped comments, face the person who dropped the video only pls, do not extend enemity🙏🏽”

Manda wrote, “Stop liking stupid comments y’all. People should learn to accommodate others. Y’all come here to pick sides instead of cautioning her if she’s indeed trying to ruin another woman’s life. This happens everywhere, even in your homes. You blame the government for being evil, but ignore y’all hypocrisy which makes y’all the biggest demons. Yeti , yes you won’t like my comments neither will your followers. I’ve seen you two movies. You both are talented. You both are adults and mothers. Enough of this tearing down. “Women supporting women “ yet women keep fighting each other like this. What for? To what ends? So that your children will grow up and inherit enemies? Enough please 🙏 LLL. ❤️ ☮️✌️”

Swissotedola wrote, “It does depend on how long tho! That same four years ago can ruin someone’s life forever !! God above all👏!! We all learn from our mistakes”

Anuolami wrote, “But what if it’s not actually about you? 🤷🏾‍♀️. Or worse still, maybe somebody else has lied to her again about you?
Best option: Have a conference call and let her pour her mind and mention those who brought those evil reports, in fact, let all of them be present at the phone call meeting. Let’s know who is behind this nonsense.”

Chelsig wrote, “So basically,u r out here for them say you say…Abeg go and start your week with positive vibes😍😍women sha.🔥”

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