Empress Njamah’s ex-lover charged for blackmail in Liberia

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Empress Njamah's ex-lover charged for blackmail in Liberia
Liberian court charges Empress Njamah’s ex-lover for blackmail


Nicholas Jack Davis, who was previously in a romantic relationship with renowned actress Empress Njamah, has recently been charged in a court of law in Liberia. This development follows his arrest for allegedly blackmailing numerous women in the country. In a video clip that has since gone viral on various social media platforms, Nicholas was seen being led to court in handcuffs.

The arrest of Empress Njamah’s former partner occurred a few weeks prior, with the Liberian National Police confirming the news during a press briefing held in April.

The police disclosed that Nicholas had been accused of blackmailing over twenty women in Liberia, with complaints received from victims who alleged that the suspect operated under the pseudonym “Josh Wade” while in Nigeria. It was also revealed that Empress Njamah was among those targeted by the suspect.

It is important to note that blackmail is a serious offense in Liberia, and the country’s authorities have vowed to ensure that perpetrators of such crimes are brought to justice. The case against Nicholas Jack Davis is still ongoing, and the public will be updated on any developments as they arise.

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