Denrele Edun Finally Takes His Woman Down The Aisle

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Denrele Edun Finally Takes His Woman Down The Aisle

The actor finally tied the knot in an exclusive ceremony with a Nollywood actress. Denrele shared the picture on his social media page, captioned:

A good WIFE is one who serves her husband in the morning like a mother does, loves him in the day like a sister does and pleases him like a pro$t!tute in the night.

About time I got married… My Heartbeat @onyiialex01 #HowToPlayAPlayer.

Of course the picture shared is from a movie scene Denrele Edun recently starred in titled “How To Play A Player”, acted alongside Alex Ekubo, Onyiii Alex, Uchenna Nnanna and Nora Roberts.

The media personality, who’s sexuality has been questioned several times revealed during an interview earlier this year that he will be tying the knot soon.

“I will still get married, honestly, I was supposed to get married last year and I did not plan to publicise the whole affair,” he started.

“I intended to tell people few days to the day of the wedding so that they would come and find out who I was getting married to. But somehow, the news leaked and there was too much media hype around it.

“At a point, it began to look as if I fabricated the story to be in the news but it was the real deal for me. I am trying to pursue the matter but I am not going to say when it would happen. When it is time, people would get the invite but I would not blab. I am going to get married in Nigeria because I have realised over time that I am loved by all. I would not do a strictly VIP crowd because I would invite everybody who is interested in coming, they should come and watch me get”

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