Crayon Opens Up About Depression and Near-Fatal Health Scare

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Crayon Opens Up About Depression and Near-Fatal Health Scare

Nigerian artist Charles Chibuezechukwu, known as Crayon, recently opened up about his challenges with public acceptance and health during an interview on ‘Drip Check.’

Crayon revealed that he experienced depression in 2020 due to his music not gaining the expected traction despite consistent releases. He shared that his track ‘Gbona,’ poised to become a hit, was hindered by the COVID-19 pandemic, which closed down venues where the song could have thrived. Despite releasing multiple songs every two weeks, he struggled to capture public attention.

Reflecting on his health scare, Crayon recounted a severe breakdown in early 2022, describing it as a near-fatal experience. “I had a breakdown in early 2022. People don’t come back from that sh*t, me standing right here now is a miracle. I almost lost my life,” he stated.

His candid sharing sheds light on the pressures and mental health struggles faced by artists in the music industry.

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