African Union Suspends Niger Over Military Coup

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The African Union (AU) has taken a decisive stance by announcing the suspension of the Niger Republic from all its activities until the rightful power is restored to the ousted President Mohamed Bazoum.

African Union Suspends Niger Over Military Coup  The suspension comes in the wake of the military coup that led to Bazoum’s deposition on July 26, leaving him in custody since then.

In a comprehensive statement released on Tuesday, the AU underscored its strong stance, echoing its unwavering commitment to democratic governance and the rule of law.

The union reiterated its calls upon the military junta responsible for the coup, urging them to release Bazoum promptly and restore the nation to its constitutional order. The AU emphasized that the suspension would remain in effect until these conditions were met.

Citing its dedication to preserving democratic norms, the AU also issued a plea to its member states and the global community, urging them to abstain from actions that could inadvertently legitimize the junta’s authority. This declaration follows the AU’s staunch belief in safeguarding the principles of justice, accountability, and democratic representation.

In its unwavering pursuit of African self-determination, the AU further expressed its resolute rejection of any external interference from non-African entities. This statement solidifies the union’s commitment to resolving African issues by African means and reinforces the continent’s sovereign right to shape its own destiny.

In tandem with these measures, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has demonstrated its dedication to reinstating constitutional democracy in Niger.

ECOWAS has initiated the deployment of a standby force to the region, with the primary aim of restoring the nation’s legitimate governance structure. To complement this action, ECOWAS has also dispatched envoys to the Niger Republic, initiating diplomatic channels to facilitate a peaceful resolution.

While stressing its preference for a peaceful approach, ECOWAS has maintained that the use of force remains a last resort, underscoring its commitment to a peaceful transition.

Headquartered in Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia, the African Union comprises all 55 countries within the African continent. As a unifying force, the AU’s measures regarding the Niger Republic reflect its enduring dedication to promoting democratic values, upholding constitutional order, and ensuring the sovereignty of its member states.

The AU’s decisive actions are indicative of its role as a guardian of African stability, progress, and self-determination.

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